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This is why you need a personal brand as a freelancer

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In today's competitive freelance landscape, it can feel overwhelming to wonder how to expand and compete against other prominent freelancers. No need to worry anymore, here you will find all you need to know about personal branding as a freelancer - and the way to thrive in your niche.

Personal branding communicates the real you

When working as a freelancer, personal branding is one of the most important things to advance your professional identity. You need to establish and promote a unique, consistent, and recognizable professional identity so potential clients can find you in the massive sea of other freelancers.

On social media, you should create a presence reflecting your expertise and values so that people see you how you want to be seen. And since social media is everywhere around us, if done right, so will you. 

Why personal branding is essential - the competitive market

The market today is very competitive since everyone has their own unique brand to market. Everyone wants to sell. So to stand out from the crowd, personal branding is vital. 

A well-made personal brand in the sea of other freelancers will highlight unique selling points, showcase your expertise, and foster familiarity with your potential clients. 

  • Differentiate yourself from the rest - A solid personal brand helps you differentiate yourself from other freelancers since you will show your unique skills, experiences and values. Because at the end of the day, everyone is doing more or less the same thing. So setting yourself apart is absolutely crucial.
  • Define your unique value proposition - USP (Unique Selling Proposition) sets you apart from other competitors through a strong USP that highlights the benefits you offer.

Finding what makes you unique

Identifying your unique skills and talents can sound tricky, so here are some tips;

  1. Self-reflection - Think about what problems you solve easily, your experience, your passion, and your areas of expertise.
  2. List your skills - Write down all the skills you have, both technical and interpersonal. What specialized knowledge have you acquired through the years?
  3. Evaluate your market value - Research your industry to understand the demand for your unique talents. Then determine if there are gaps in the market that you can fill.

Most importantly - be yourself

And to stand out from the rest of freelancers, it's all about emphasizing your uniqueness. Because most of the time, being yourself is the best value proposition. 

There's no one else that's you, so just be yourself. As cliché as it sounds, we're all unique and that in itself will attractdifferent types of clients!

Creating your identity

A cohesive visual identity is maintaining consistency through a preferred style, your personality, profile bio, and a profile photo. With consistency throughout your personal brand, potential clients will have a memorable and lasting impression of you that makes them come back.

To reach this cohesive visual identity, here are some tips;

  • Profile picture - Use high-quality, professional-looking photos with a simple recognizable background. Dress appropriately for your profession, and with an approachable expression.
  • Your personality - Be true to yourself and embrace who you already are! Show your values and your passions to get a deeper connection with your potential clients. 
  • Style of communication - Engage with your audience formally or casually, depending on your target client's preferences. Give them feedback, questions and stories to make a memorable impression while being yourself.

With this identity, you can publish content to showcase your expertise in blogs, podcasts, and more. For further information and ways to use social media, read this

Networking – a freelancers best friend

Networking and relationship building help you establish connections, gain credibility, and access new opportunities. And by having strong relationships, you can enhance your reputation, gain valuable insights from others, and create a supportive professional network that contributes to your freelancer success and growth. 

Here are some ways to start this network;

  1. Attend industry events - Meet new engaging people working with the same thing that you are. For example;
    1. Webflow offers official events.
    2. Finsweet offers live events.
    3. NoCodeNorth offers a strong community and events.
  2. Engage on social media - Same here; you will find new people online who want to support you, and potential clients interested in your work.
  3. Collaborate with others - Collaborating with others will expand your possibility to reach new clients and make you find friendly new people from whom you can continue getting support. 

The changing market - what to do

Monitoring and adapting your personal brand over time is essential to remain relevant, competitive, and authentic in a constantly changing market.

Regularly assessing your brand helps identify areas for improvement, aligns it with the constantly evolving industry trends, and ensures you continue to resonate with your target audience, ultimately driving long-term success and growth.

How to stay relevant and responsive to these changes in your target niche: 

  1. Embrace feedback - Constantly seek input from clients or mentors to identify potential changes that need to be made, and interact with your audience to understand their evolving needs.
  2. Be flexible - Stay open to possible changes to stay in tune with your industry and audience. Having an open mind will take you far!
  3. Stay informed - Attend events and conferences, and regularly read industry news to keep you updated on what's currently happening in your niche. 

So, personal branding is an essential aspect of your success as a freelancer since many others also want to stand out from the crowd. So by emphasizing your unique value proposition and leveraging social media, you can attract new clients and make them remember you.

Continually monitoring and adapting your personal brand to industry changes ensures long-term relevance and success, empowering you to thrive in your chosen niche! A cohesive visual identity, a robust online presence, and effective networking will quickly help you grow as a freelancer.

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